Everythings4Free.com has free fonts, 3D fonts, Dingbats, and Sci-fi fonts.    

   Everythings4Free.com has free fonts,
   3D fonts
, Dingbats, and Sci-fi fonts.

  • FontSquirrel.com  
    As a Squirrel goes looking around for nuts before winter, Font Squirrel searches around the internet looking for free fonts. When they find them they make them available for you to download free. 
  • Simplythebest.net/fonts  
    SimplytheBest free fonts, has a collection of the best free fonts on the Web. We have 3D fonts, Dingbats, Asian fonts, computer fonts, sci-fi fonts, and more.


  • FontFreak.com 
    FontFreak is a site that has both a free and paid version to it. The free version is extraordinary offering over 9000 free fonts, if you ever needed that many. There's also a good selection of free dingbats just for you.
  • Befonts.com 
    Befonts.com has profession fonts for designers. These fonts are like artwork for your site. If you want to design something with style take a look at Befonts.
  • Ffonts.net 
    Looking to download stylish fonts for free? Discover FFonts.net`s library of over 100000+ fonts for personal use.


  • FontZone.net  
    FontZone.net has a huge store of 50,000 free fonts. Designers and those who want to take advantage of these fonts for personal use can freely download these fonts.
  • Dafont.com   
    Dafont.com has a very pleasing interface that is easy to scroll through. It even has a help section explaining how to install a font. This site is great for both beginners and designers.
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