Everythings4Free.com has free fonts, download free fonts, free stuff,  freeware, and free downloads.   

   Everythings4Free.com has free fonts,
download free
, free stuff, and freeware.

  • 1001freefonts.com  
    1001 free fonts offers a huge selection of freeware and shareware TrueType fonts. Download free fonts for Windows and Macintosh. 

  • FontSearchEngine.com       
    Looking for a specific font? This useful site offers over 10,000 free fonts and features a search engine, so you can quickly find what you need. Font Search Engine also includes a database of free font archives, font utilities and a roundup of free font designers.

  • ShowFont.net
    Showfont.Net - 70,000 Free Fonts All The Fonts Youll Ever Want. - 10,000 Free Fonts offers a large selection of freeware & shareware true type fonts for Windows & Macintosh. Over 10,000 cool fonts have been downloaded since 2006.

  • Simplythebest.net/fonts  
    SimplytheBest free fonts, has a collection of the best free fonts on the Web. We have 3D fonts, Dingbats, Asian fonts, computer fonts, sci-fi fonts, and more.

  • FontFreak.com 
    A nicely designed, constantly updated resource, Font Freak offers thousands of free fonts for both Windows and Mac, both original and otherwise, organized alphabetically. You can preview each selection and, if you like it, download a ZIP compressed version. There's also a good selection of free dingbats.

  • AcidFonts.com
    At this well-organized site, you'll find over 4,000 freeware fonts and dingbats, for Windows and Mac. There is also a good selection of font utilities, as well as a helpful "frequently asked questions" section.

  • Jabroo.com  
    Here, you'll find over 16,000 free fonts, as well as an online custom graphics generator. You can search for fonts by category here and you can bookmark specific fonts to download later. The site is free of the pop-up ads that clutter many font sites these days.

  • FontFace.com   
    This is an essential site for anyone in search of the latest and greatest free fonts on the Web. Often imitated, but never equaled, this pioneering site is home of the original "Font of the Day," which shows you, at a glance, what the Web's hottest new fonts are. FontFace.com has over 800 fonts and each font can be previewed via a nifty JavaScript "FontFirst" feature. (Note: fonts are available here for both Windows and Mac).   

  • Fontasy.de 
    Tilman Schalmey's fast-growing resource serves up over 1,600 free fonts, arranged alphabetically. Fontasy.de offers a solid selection of fonts that we haven't seen elsewhere. (This site is available in English and German versions).

  • UrbanFonts.com 
    This site offers a good, searchable roundup of free fonts and dingbats for PC and Mac. Here, you'll find over 8,000 fonts, sorted alphabetically. The site also includes a helpful FAQ to answer your font-related questions.

  • HighFonts.com  
    A well-designed free fonts site that offers over 3,000 selections. Fonts are organized alphabetically and you may preview each selection before downloading it. The site also offers a roundup of programs that let you create your own fonts.

  • FontVillage.com   
    This site serves up a nice collection of over 6,000 free fonts, sorted alphabetically. Most of the fonts here are for Windows, but there are selections for the Mac, as well. 

  • EKNP.com   
    This site offers a good roundup of free fonts, sorted alphabetically. There are also categories here that include fonts in various styles, including 3D, alien, computer, decorative, futuristic, handwriting, horror, retro, and more.

Everythings4Free.com has free fonts, download free fonts, free stuff, freeware and free downloads.