Everythings4Free.com has free home schooling and educational materials.


   Everythings4Free.com has free home                      schooling and educational sites.

  • Sciencebob.com   
    This is a very cool site that features science. The site has videos and experiments, question and answers, and science fair ideas. You can even make your own ice cream in a plastic bag.
  • School Express.com   
    SchoolExpress has a lot of school materials both for kids and teachers alike. It has free worksheets and free ebooks. There are even some fun videos where you can learn about NASA space.
  • Chatterpack.net   
    Chatterpack.net has a lot of exciting online resources for someone who has to learn at home.
  • Free Home Schooling Resources   
    Home Schooling Corona has a lot of free resources for a well rounded family education at home. Some resources include reading, writing, languages, math and more.
  • Starfall.com   
    This is a truly exceptional site for very young childen. It ranges from pre kindergarten to grade 3. Your children will have so much fun they wont even know they are learning. The site also teaches them vowel sounds.  


  • JR.brainpop.com    
    Jr Brainpop helps children to learn through animated movies, games and activites. They offer web sites for different levels of education The site has easy or harder test that childern can take after.


  • CoolMathgames.com  
    CoolMathGames.com has a lot of games online to help your kids with their math skills. These games will challange their skills and help them to develop logical thinking and strategy.  



Congraduzations you r now edumacated! 

Everythings4Free.com has free online educational sites.