Everythings4Free.com has free software, free music and mp3 downloads   

  Everythings4Free.com has free software, music      and mp3  downloads.


  • Download.com 
    Download.com has all the popular apps that you need for your PC and mobile phone. Here you find free antivirus software, music apps, games and tools.
  • Freedownloadscenter.com          
    The free downloads center has an easy to find category bar. There are easy to see icon pictures from which you can download a lot of free popular software and the latest updates.
  • Download3k.com 
    Download3k has a fantastic interface listing all of the different PCs at the top. The left side bar is used for categories and is broken down into sub-categories for easy to find software. The site even lists recent fixes for some of the bugs you may have encountered.
  • Softonic.com       
    Softonic.com is a popular download site with a great looking landing page. The site starts by listing the most popular downloads and then displays an easy to find category box. The site also has articles giving you the best tips and tricks on how to run different software. 


  • ZDNEt.co.uk   
    ZDNEt is unique as it houses the largest number so software downloads. Its interface is not as easy to use as some of the other free download sites, but you may be able to find some software that they do not have.


Everythings4Free.com has free music downloads, free downloads, and free mp3 downloads.