Everythings4Free.com has free stuff for bloggers, stats and ping 

       Everythings4Free.com has stats, ping,               free stuff for bloggers
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    • Typepad.com    
      A free blog service that you can use to improve your blog. It helps you to put life your blog comments; Control and Manage comments with simplicity; and even Supports: Movable Type, WordPress.org, Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad.

    • Blogger.com
      Blogger is a free blog publishing tool from none other than Google for sharing your thoughts or opinions with the world. Create Your Own Custom blog in three easy steps.


    • WordPress.com
      WordPress has dozens of cool themes that you can upload at the touch of a button. You will need a hosting website and some wordpress knowledge to make the website your own. 


    • BlogElites.com  
      If you are looking to promote your blog you could try blogelites. You can follow the instructions and submit your blog to this site. It could help to promote your blog in google.



    Everythings4Free.com has stats, ping, free stuff for bloggers, and free blogs services.