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    • Homeschool.com
      With the world getting more and more violent many parents are considering home schooling. Homeschool.com has many resuorces that parents lack. This site can be a great help for parents who have now become teachers.    


    • Maybelline samples
      Follow the instructions to request free Maybelline samples. You must be 18 or older to request this item.  (U.S. only)


    • RootsWeb.com   
      Have you ever wondered where your family tree came from? This site claims to be the internets biggest free genealogy site. Check it out."

    • 4KraftyKidz.com   
      This site as its name suggests offers loads of free stuff for kids. Here, you'll find educational printables for history, math and music. There are also some fun Disney coloring pages.


    • Card-Making-World.com 
      Cardmakingworld.com has tutorials for making pop-up cards, crosss stitch paterns cards, and animal card ideas. This site really has some awesome ideas for creating cards.


    • Homeschool Math.net  
      Homeschoolmath.net offers some great resources that parents can use to teach their children math. Here you can help your children sharpen up on their square roots, geometry and algebra.


    • Free Prescrition help or Cheap Medicine Program   
      This program was developed to help those with low incomes. Many people today have been injured and are worried about the high cost of medicine. There are several different programs avaiable. (U.S. only).
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